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  • Asbestos Abatement - Floor tile and mastic removal under Bead Blasting
  • Lead Abatement – Lead wall ceramic tile abatement
  • Hospital Infectious Control - Full containment equipped with 6 mil Fr. Poly, HEPA, Negative Air Machine, critical barriers, Zipper Doors, and sticky mats

We have a containment protocol. Inside full containment, the 6 mil Fr. Poly ceiling can weigh down over extended periods of time. Our team uses a ceiling prop method that holds the ceiling from collapsing.

Temperatures inside containment can be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Workers and laborers are in full-body suits and full-face respirators. The full-face respirators restrict normal breathing and causes a lack of oxygen while inside containment. It is important that the crew works in containment for timely increments and stay well hydrated.

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