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Infectious Control in Los Angeles | Infectious Material Removal Los Angeles
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Preserving Health and Safety with Infectious Control

Lives are lost every year due to the spread of infection in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Workers in the healthcare industry have a high risk of infection because of constant exposure to contaminants.

At Quality Environmental, Inc., our team of environmental professionals provides immediate service to protect the integrity of healthcare establishments and the people within. We use the most advanced equipment and techniques, in compliance with state and federal regulations, to provide infectious material control in Los Angeles to get your facility back in working order with no risk of contamination.

Removal of Contaminants in Healthcare Facilities

We assist our clients in the health and medical fields to maintain a safe, functioning facility by responsibly handling all waste materials and contamination issues. In the broad healthcare industry, we offer a scope of professional services individually-tailored to each facility and the types of medical services delivered, or the specific health-related issue that has been identified.

We perform comprehensive cleanup and environmental services for healthcare providers. Our services include containment, infectious control, cleanup, and disposal of biological, hazardous, and non-hazardous materials. We have the training, technology, and state-of-the-art equipment to maintain, clean, or disinfect medical facilities during construction, renovations, demolition, abatement of hazardous substances, and after infectious exposure.

In case of contamination, our team can establish decontamination zones. This involves setting up physical barriers and specific engineering to ensure that there is no risk to patients, visitors, or staff while we are cleaning your facility.

Compliance with Regulations Governing Healthcare and Medical Facilities

The healthcare facilities we service must comply with California health codes, as well as federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) regulations. Our Los Angeles infectious control professionals are certified and licensed to handle hazardous materials and biological contaminants in a medical setting. We do so skillfully and professionally with the safety and reputation of your facility in mind.

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Contamination Control in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Most healthcare facilities and the laboratories associated with them have constantly changing work environments involving multiple physical, chemical, and biological agents. Due to the nature of the work, there are potentially serious risks of exposure to various types of contamination.

Contaminants may be present in the form of gases, liquids, solids, particulates, or combination states, such as dusts (solids in gas) or mists (liquids in gas). Chemical exposure may involve pure chemicals, mixtures, solutions, or airborne contaminants. Contamination in a healthcare facility may involve hazardous materials that are:

  • Toxic
  • Corrosive
  • Infectious
  • Radioactive
  • Flammable
  • Explosive
  • Volatile

Contamination with blood, biological materials, and organisms can result in illness, infection, or death. Contamination and infectious control in Los Angeles reduces the transmission of disease-carrying organisms to patients and medical staff. For these reasons, it is crucial to impose rigorous biosafety procedures, techniques, and controls in a healthcare workplace.

Hazardous Waste in Hospitals

According to the Healthcare Environmental Resource Center, the most common hazardous waste problems in hospitals include:

  • Lack of or improper hazardous waste disposal
  • Improper management of mercury-containing waste, including thermometers, mercury vapor lights, gastric tubes, and fluorescent light bulbs
  • Improper disposal of chemotherapy drugs
  • Improper or lack of hazardous waste labeling
  • Open containers of hazardous waste
  • Improper management of expired pharmaceuticals
  • Hazardous wastes disposed down drain system

Infectious Waste Removal

Medical waste is a breeding ground for disease-carrying organisms. The definition of infectious medical waste under federal law includes any potentially infectious materials. This may include liquids, semi-liquids, dry materials, and microbiological and pathological waste.

Infectious medical waste can be dangerous and carries a high level of potential risk. Healthcare providers are responsible for the waste generated in their facilities, even after it has left the facility, until it is destroyed. Therefore, it is important to work with professionals who will ensure that medical waste and contaminants are properly handled.

Trained Professionals for Infectious Control in Health Care

Quality Environmental, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business that is one of the most respected in the industry in the Los Angeles area. Our focus is on neutralizing environmental hazards to help guarantee safety in hospitals and other facilities and organizations. Our professional staff have combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry.

We operate 24/7 to provide vital cleanup services for hospitals, medical providers, and other healthcare industry clients. If your practice or facility requires containment, cleanup, or disposal of hazardous materials, we are trained, licensed, and highly qualified to provide infectious material removal in Los Angeles.

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